A New Year 2017

I know I have said this before and I am sure I will probably say it again,’ I love new beginnings!’  A New Year  is just that a new beginning.  Oh, I know nothing magical happens as the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins, yet it does have a special appeal that is […]

Keep Praying For Bryce (Updated)

Bryce started having some seizures so was moved to ICU last night (Thursday Night). He is now “relatively” stable.   Please keep praying for this little boy for his Mom and Dad (Dev and Steve) and for Mason and Colby his two younger brothers. Update!!!! Saturday morning Bryce is awake and talking, his Dad said […]

Back again… Updating…

Sorry, things have been so busy and I neglected to mention we were going away for just over a week.  I will update on our time away a little later.  Tonight, I wanted to share about this little guy. Joel has finished treatment and has moved into the next phase of his journey.  He has […]


Hi everyone, we came home on Friday, Joel was a little tired but doing well.  Today he took a nap in the afternoon but when he woke up he wanted to go outside and play.  Balance is still an issue for him and the ground is uneven it makes me nervous watching him pick up […]

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