Making Your Home a HAVEN!! Week #5

Here we are once again.  This past week I was up at the hospital for part of the time but I still managed to work on a few things. I am working on parring down our stuff.  I know I have barely scratched the surface but I have 3 large garbage bags full of things […]

Making Your Home a HAVEN!! Week #4

It has been busy around here.  I have been slowly finding ways to better organize around here.  I attacked my junk drawers yep I have 2.  Although now one contains kitchen items (mostly) so I think I am down to one junk drawer.  (Before)  (Before)  (After) (After) It has occurred to me that perhaps not everyone has […]

Making Your Home a HAVEN!! Week #3

I think if I ever decide to do a series of posts again I should pre-write a bunch of them first because around here life just keeps getting in the way.  Here is my new plan for, ‘Making your Home a HAVEN!’ I am still going to try and post near the beginning of the […]

Making Your Home a HAVEN!! Week #2 & an update

Some of you may have noticed that I did not update how I did last week.  I had said I would update on Saturday.  I had also wanted to get this post up early in the day today.  Doesn’t look like a good start to things does it.  I do have a few explanations though…. To […]

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