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We are at the Children’s Hospital, for a scheduled chemo.  I meant to throw that out there before we left for the hospital but time got away from me. Dave and I brought Joel and Samuel up to the hospital on Wednesday.  Joel is doing well, a little sleepy and slightly grumpy but other than that he is well.

Samuel has done well too but I don’t think he likes Ronald McDonald House he didn’t sleep well, hopefully tonight he’ll sleep better.

As odd as it may sound we have enjoyed getting to know some of the other families.  Not that, that would be odd, just that you can have an enjoyable time in the hospital.  I would never have thought that hanging out in the Oncology wing of the hospital could be fun.  In the beginning it isn’t fun, you feel like you have been hit by a Mack truck but as time passes it becomes normal.  Not necessarily easier, but normal.

We all make choices everyday, and for the most part we choose joy.  Not just Dave and I but the other parents too, we find things to laugh at and celebrate.  Dave and I were remarking today about how kids are kids, even kids going through cancer treatment.  Little girls with no hair that wear sparkly shoes and blingy bracelets.  Little boys riding tricycles around the hallways. Paint, play doh, and bubbles, smiles and giggles.  Yes, there are more than a few tears but those are wiped away and the smiles come back until the next time there is a poke or procedure that isn’t fun.

It isn’t an easy walk, you see a lot of tough stuff including some of these sweethearts losing their battle, but they carry such hope and joy with them that I continue to learn by watching them.

Strange ramble… I was just going to post that we are at the hospital and are coming home tomorrow.  I guess  sometimes I just go off on a tangent.

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