Just a quick update… Joel did great with his MRI today.  I always worry how he will do with fasting before a procedure but he did fine.  He mentioned that he was hungry and that his tummy growled but other then that he did not complain.

Joel receives sedation for his MRI’s he has done a short one un-sedated but for MRI’s that are over an hour he receives the sedation.  They put him out with the mask and then hook him up to an IV after he is out. As they put the mask over Joel’s nose and mouth he took a huge breath that puffed out his cheeks and held his breath for as long as he could.  This really amused the medical staff as well as Dave and I.  He definitely is a thinker.

We didn’t get any results today yet, if something was really wrong we would have heard about that, so we wait for the official report.  As for baby it is still watch and wait.

Oh, and Joel gave me another name suggestion last night, Rooten-Tooten!

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