November is almost over, and while we have enjoyed the down time from therapy we still have barely scratched the surface of all the things that need doing around here.  That said we have been busy. I am another year older, perhaps not wiser.  At 37 I made a list of 37 things I wanted […]

Boy meets Zucchini

The most proliferous plant in our garden this summer had to be the zucchini plant with the tomato plant as a close second.  I do not understand the super powers of the zucchini.  It can hide in the garden, I am sure it has the ability to make itself invisible if it wants to.  That, […]

August 2012 Garden update

Once more, I am late getting our garden post up.  It has been a busy month, yet again.  This definitely has been a season full of learning.  Well I guess with everything there is always room to continue to learn, but this was our first serious attempt at gardening.  Everything up to this point was […]

July Garden

I am a little embarrassed that we are this far along in August and I am only now posting my end of July garden pictures.  Between gardening, hosting guests, playing with the children, housework etc.  my poor blog has suffered. So without further adieu I give you… The July Garden!!! This is the small garden which will […]

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