Valentine’s Day and….

We started our day off with a special breakfast with a few surprises for the kids.

Each of them had a mailbox waiting for them with some special treats inside.

I decorated the table with a few things from the dollar store to give it that festive feel

Here are the kids first thing in the morning some looking a little tired still.

Dave made apple pancakes for the kids and even indulged me by making a heart shape in them for the kids!

After breakfast we decided to be optimistic that today was the day.  I have a 1 o’clock doctor’s appointment, at which time I am praying I am already in labour.  If not I am going to have to be firm about my situation.  My last pregnancy he decided because I labour so quickly it would be best to induce me 2 days early.  Normally something I wouldn’t push for, although this time we have a lot going on.

Today I am 2 days early, I still labour quickly, we no longer live in town, we are still a one vehicle family, Dave is off work until Wednesday night, I have gestational diabetes, and Joel has a hospital admit next week. SO…today sounds like a perfect day, or even tomorrow.  The kids packed their stuff for an overnight at Gramma and Biba’s place just incase.

So… I am hoping that Dave finishes this post for me…..

Well, the kids are still at my parents house but Dave and I are home.  The doctor says we need to be at the hospital for 7am.  That would mean waking the kids up by 5 to have everyone dressed, fed and at Gramma and Biba’s house for 6:30.  Gramma wasn’t to keen on 6:30 so they will sleep there tonight and we will have a baby tomorrow, so it appears.

Things to pray for;

-A good night sleep
-I tested positive for being a carrier of Strep B so they will be giving me two doses of antibiotics, this happened with Joel but I laboured very quickly and they did not have time to give me both doses which meant we had to stay in the hospital longer.  So the prayer here is that both doses are administered.
– I stress, big time, I am terrible with pain, I don’t scream etc. but I can make myself sick with worry over the pain.  Praying for peace comfort and as little pain as possible!!!
– Of course, for healthy and safe delivery for baby and I.


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  1. so exciting….may it be a great labor, can't wait to hear alllllll about it! I love this time…I just love it!

  2. The Maretzki Family says:

    I'll DEFINETLY be praying for you tonight!!! I hope all goes well!

  3. Looking forward to the news :) Praying for you and Dave and the kids.

  4. looks like a good chance you already have a baby by now but praying for a quick recovery :)

  5. You are indeed in my thoughts and prayers today friend. Hugs!!! Can't wait to meet your new little one.

  6. Hi Cheryl ~ Congrats!!! another baby ~ you are truly blessed ~ I want you to know that I admire you & all you do ~ for your family, for your friends & for those that you touch through your blog! I am so happy that I came across your blog ~ I really enjoyed working with you at the church day camp in Winchester a couple of summers ago ~ just wished I could have had the chance to get to know you better ~ I am sure we would have become great friends ~ so now is my chance to become a blog friend ~ watching for the news of your newest bundle ~ God Bless each & everyone of you ~ Hugs Diana

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