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Between emails and comments I’ve had some questions so I thought I would answer them here.  Before I get started I wanted to update from yesterday’s post.  We stayed home while the snow blew and we were cozy as could be.  They were able to fit Joel in for all 3 appointments today, so we were up and out bright and early.  He had his hearing test and things are unchanged… that is great.  His GFR (kidney function test) went alright we don’t have results yet.  Finally, his chemo went well.  However, we got his blood work back and his counts are very low.  So that means for the most part we are home bound.  I am going to take him to his physiotherapy appointment tomorrow.  I’ll bring one of his masks just in case but he works one on one with his therapist so it shouldn’t be an issue.

On to some Q&A…

When will Joel’s treatment end?

If he stays on his treatment schedule he should finish chemo in May.

Do you know what your having?

We think a boy, but until they hold up the baby you can never be 100% but we’re 99% sure.

How are you feeling?

Tired, and ready to have this baby.

Are you being induced?

I’m not sure, our doctor discussed inducing on the 11th, but has informed us he’ll be away that week and he’ll see me on the 14th.  In the meantime I am to have another ultra sound and stress test on the 9th.  (We are squishing an MRI in on the 10th for Joel.)

Do you usually go over, early or on time?

I am usually right around my due date give or take a day or two.

I think that was it for recent questions if I’ve missed something feel free to ask again, if you’ve got new questions ask away.

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