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The last little while seems to have been so busy around here and I have been wanting to fill everyone in on all that has been going on. Warning very random post….
We have managed to can some salsa and some tomato sauce… our big garden didn’t really happen this year. Joel’s tumor was discovered just as we had started to plan out the garden. Unfortunately, we lost a few jars as the shelf that they were on in the basement collapsed. Thankfully, it was only about six big jars. What a mess!
After Joel’s surgery he had no patience for Hannah. He didn’t want her to touch his wheelchair, if the kids called and wanted to talk to him he would say, “Not Hannah.” She was missing him desperately and when the kids would come to the hospital to visit he wouldn’t give her the time of day. When we came home from the hospital things didn’t improve much.
Finally in the last little bit he has started playing with her again and being an attentive big brother. We have no idea why this happened but have loved hearing him tell her that her picture is beautiful and that he is very proud of her. Remember when I posted about Hannah putting the bead up her nose. When I said, “I am going to have to take Hannah to the hospital” that sent Joel in to a panic. He was crying, “Oh no not Hannah hospital, no I want her okay, oh no, oh no.” Tears streaming down his face he told me, “I pray her to Jesus.” It took me quite awhile to calm him down and explain that there was just a bead in her nose. They weren’t going to do any big surgeries and they weren’t going to give medicine or take blood, just get the bead out. As worked up as he got it was nice to see him showing concern for his sister and getting along with her again.
I told you this was going to be random…..
A week or so ago, I was in the middle of making supper when Joel came in and asked for ‘orangies’ oranges. I explained that we were out of them and as Daddy had to go to work that night maybe we could go in the morning to get some. Joel wasn’t impressed with that answer and as it is so hard to get food into him, I looked at the clock and decided I could pick up a loaf of Italian bread for supper instead of making linguine and go get his oranges.
So, I hopped in the car and drove into town got the oranges and raced back out to my car when I realized I had forgot the bread. I was really annoyed with myself for forgetting it and hurried back into the store to get the bread. I headed over to the express isle for 1-8 items only, which is located right next to the customer service desk. As I was waiting in line I saw a lady drop off a car key that she had found. As I paid for my bread I looked at the key and thought that looks a lot like our van key. I decided as I started for the door that maybe I should check my ring of keys….sure enough my van key was not on the ring. How it came off I’ll never know. So I turned around and headed back to customer service and claimed my key.
I couldn’t help but think had I not forgotten the bread I would have been frantically looking for my key. Instead I found it before I even knew it was lost. I thought about all the little disturbances in our day to day lives that seem so annoying at the time…yet, maybe they are there for a reason. 99% of the time when you forget something you don’t get to see the greater good like the lost key. We have all heard stories about someone running back into the house for something only to be a few minutes later leaving and missing a terrible accident and they get all goosebumpy and think if I had left on time…. It is a small thing that has caused me to slow down, and not to let the little things get to me.
That same day we had a visitor in our yard…We think she got under the fence… you know the old saying, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ of the fence. It was very exciting for all of the kids and Mocha too. When our neighbors came over they couldn’t find where she got under, so they pushed the fence down and helped her jump over the fence. We have yet to have another one get under the fence.
The other day I looked out my kitchen window and saw Superman in my yard I had to take a picture of him… otherwise who would believe me?

A few days ago I was driving somewhere with Joel in the car and he said,
“Mommy I have a really, really, really special name for the new baby.” (His last suggestion was Saxon)
I said, “Oh what is that Joel?”
“Wow, that is a special name. We have lots of time to think about names, but, your right Joel that is a special name.”
Finally on to today and the end of my randomness…
Joel had a great session with his Occupational Therapist. The hour flew by he was so determined and tried hard at everything it was great!!!
The boys looked at our van and told me it was looking a little dirty and thought it needed a wash so they got busy….

When I came back in the house this little one who was STILL in her pajamas wanted to help.

Before I had her changed and outside, Taliah had joined the boys about a 1/2 hour later the car looked great but I had a pile of wet clothes.

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