Good Moms

I found this on Pinterest today. I wonder if that means that great Moms have big piles of laundry to fold??? I hope so!!

The Clean Heart Clean Home Challenge Wrap Up

Well I am wrapping this one up and if all goes well it will still be Monday when this post goes up… I know, I know, will little wonders never cease.  Just after I posted about how I would post this wrap up, our house was hit with illness once again.  I came down with […]

The Clean Heart Clean Home Challenge ~ Week 5

Here we are on Tuesday yet again… Excuses for this week; Still sick Computer issues Might have been able to post last night but got caught up in the book I am reading to the kids and when we finished I was too tired! Which brings me to Tuesday evening.  I am still chugging along […]

The Clean Heart Clean Home Challenge ~ Ummm, between rooms…

Once again I missed Monday, again!  Yesterday we took Joel to his therapy session, and we were late getting back home which threw everything off.  I must say Joel had a fantastic session.  It is always great to see him enjoying the session, as well as his therapists! As for the Clean House Clean Heart […]

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