Why 2016 might just be, “The Best Year Ever!”

I am sure I have said it before and I know I will say it again, I love a new year.  It is a fresh new beginning.  No mistakes in it yet and full of hope.   I also enjoy the time of reflection it allows for, as we sit on the edge of one […]

Happy Canada Day!!

I know I have been neglecting this poor old blog terribly.  If I have said it once I know I have said it many times, “I do want to write more regularly!”  I love to write and it acts as a lovely journal for us to look back on as a family.  Sadly the past year […]

First Week of Advent

I had wanted to post before Advent even began, of course, as you can clearly see I did not make that happen.  I have decided to write when I can even if it does not fit my ideals.  This time of year is busy.  We try our best to keep Christmas simple and for the […]

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone!  I think it is going to probably be a quiet day here at home.  Dave is currently sleeping he worked last night and he works tonight and the next two after that, as well as, Saturday.  I am debating taking all my children to see the fireworks on my own.  We […]

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