Ginger~Straight from the Root : January’s Featured Herb

*Sorry folks had meant to post this in January be watching for February’s Herb. I have been sick, a lot lately.  I do not remember ever before in my life being quite so run down.  Our family has a cough that we just cannot get rid of.  It started in October; just when I think […]

The Many Virtues of the Lemon

It is currently the time of year when people are juicing their lemons for some delicious homemade lemonade and while lemonade is great there is so much more to lemons than just lemonade.  Not to long ago, I shared a recipe for homemade strawberry jam, I told you not to throw out your lemon after you juiced […]

The Dreaded Pink Eye

I don’t know how or from where but Dave and I both ended up with pink eye. Definitely not my idea of fun. Dave’s eye puffed up a little and was red, with ‘some’ discomfort. My eye wasn’t that red only slightly puffy, but it felt like there was sand in my eye and it […]

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