Rosh Hashanah and looking to Yom Kippur…

Perhaps not the title you would expect to find on an ‘On the Old Path’ post, but stay with me. This school year may be categorized as the year we find ourselves.  I have not written a ton about Homeschooling for many reasons.  Frankly, there are some parts of our lives I seem to leave […]

Back in the Swing of Things

Ah September, oh how I love you and the new beginnings you bring.  I am rather shocked that I have blogged so few times this year.  It also makes it hard to know where to begin again.  There are so many things I want to share here.  The kids are all growing and changing.  The garden […]

Moose With an Identity Crisis?

Moose with an Identity Crisis?? No I don’t think so, I think she is just a little lonely… About a week or so ago our neighbour phoned and asked Dave if there was a moose in our yard. Umm, well some people might refer to our dog as a moose of a dog but no […]

Homeschooling: A Reflection of Our Year

I have recently been rubbing online shoulders with a few other blog Mom’s and we decided it might be fun to pick a topic and all write about it and then link to each others blogs so that you could read 3 different perspectives.  I thought this sounded like fun, so I said sure.  The […]

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