Ginger~Straight from the Root : January’s Featured Herb

*Sorry folks had meant to post this in January be watching for February’s Herb. I have been sick, a lot lately.  I do not remember ever before in my life being quite so run down.  Our family has a cough that we just cannot get rid of.  It started in October; just when I think […]

Strawberry Lemonade

Summer is almost here, and while the calendar says we have a few weeks to go the temperature is already heading into summer numbers.  Which sends me looking for ways to stay cool.  In some parts of the country the first few strawberries will soon start bursting forth.  There are so many ways to use […]

Old Path Apple Fritters

The other day I shared how much our family enjoys apples, and I rattled off a crazy long list of things you can make with apples.  One of my readers asked if we had the recipes for all those things on the list specifically the fritters.  We have made many of the things on the list […]

Hamantaschen ~ Purim

Wednesday at sunset Purim begins, a few years ago the children and I studied Purim and have enjoyed practising some of the Purim traditions ever since.  One of our favourite parts is making Hamantaschen (Haman’s Hat).  These little cookies we found could be filled with a variety of yummy centres.  Our favourites are strawberry or raspberry jam and brownie filling, […]

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