Checking in….

We are at the Children’s Hospital, for a scheduled chemo.  I meant to throw that out there before we left for the hospital but time got away from me. Dave and I brought Joel and Samuel up to the hospital on Wednesday.  Joel is doing well, a little sleepy and slightly grumpy but other than […]

Valentine’s Day and….

We started our day off with a special breakfast with a few surprises for the kids. Each of them had a mailbox waiting for them with some special treats inside. I decorated the table with a few things from the dollar store to give it that festive feel Here are the kids first thing in […]


Just a quick update… Joel did great with his MRI today.  I always worry how he will do with fasting before a procedure but he did fine.  He mentioned that he was hungry and that his tummy growled but other then that he did not complain. Joel receives sedation for his MRI’s he has done […]

Questions & Answers

Between emails and comments I’ve had some questions so I thought I would answer them here.  Before I get started I wanted to update from yesterday’s post.  We stayed home while the snow blew and we were cozy as could be.  They were able to fit Joel in for all 3 appointments today, so we […]

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