Small Beginnings

I think I have eluded to this on more then one occasion but it bares repeating simply because it is an ongoing issue. Order… Organization… Schedules etc. It is hard for me to believe but Joel’s diagnosis was over 7 months ago. Rightly so, it turned our world upside down. In a moment our lives […]

A Full Day!!!

Today was a busy day….I had a rough night sleeping last night and at 7am the hospital thought it would be a great time to test the fire alarm. This is not to be confused with the annoying noise you hear at home when you burn the toast. This is an equally annoying noise that […]

Olympic Fever

We have been looking forward to the Olympics for quite sometime. It is not often that they are in your own country and I am sure that has added to our excitement. I have always enjoyed watching both the summer and winter games and we have decided to use the games as part of our […]

How we did!

I had meant to check in at the end of the day and let you all know how the list went. Here is the break down… *Clean the kitchen -DONE *laundry -Okay This is rarely ever completed even when I think it is all finished someone finds a sock in their boot or something is […]

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