Small Beginnings

I think I have eluded to this on more then one occasion but it bares repeating simply because it is an ongoing issue.

Order… Organization… Schedules etc.

It is hard for me to believe but Joel’s diagnosis was over 7 months ago. Rightly so, it turned our world upside down. In a moment our lives changed. Thankfully, the other children were all at my parents house and they told me don’t worry we will take care of them, you look after Joel… and I did, it was close to three months later that we came home to stay. The last 4 plus months have been spent trying to cope with the day to day stuff as well as treatment.

As bizarre as it may seem, Hospital stays for chemo, medicines, medical terms, appointments, hair loss etc. has become routine. We have found the day to day stuff harder to keep in order. I found myself finishing up reading lessons right before bed, changing a load of laundry over in the middle of the night etc.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making lists and working on getting us back on track and back on a schedule that can be followed even if Momma is at the hospital with Joel.

I was doing some reading the other day and came across this verse.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” -Zechariah 4:10

I couldn’t help but think how fitting. That is what we are doing here. Small beginnings, we weren’t back on our old schedule over night. We certainly did not adjust to all these changes over night. We decided enough is enough we need some order and consistency even in this uncertain time… and we began… we made a fresh start. They were small steps but we started.

Another thing that I thought was so neat was that Zerubbabel was the King and his ‘day of small beginnings’ that pleased the Lord was rebuilding the temple. Now, our home is nothing like the temple in Jerusalem, but in essence we are rebuilding as well.

I pulled out our old chore packs, this is a neat idea from the Maxwell’s who have put out several books, two of which, ‘Mangers of Their Homes’ and Mangers of Their Chores,’ we have adapted some of their organizational methods to fit our family.

I also made some detailed instructions for the kids so they would have a checklist to go over when they are helping to clean a room.

I pulled out all my menu planning stuff and got us back on board with that as well. Chores and Schooling are happening in a timely manner and we have all but eliminated the what’s for supper dilemma. The kids have responded amazingly. When Joel and I came home from the hospital on Wednesday my Mom had made a meat sauce for spaghetti. While I was upstairs getting Joel settled and putting my own feet up for a little bit, Elijah, Taliah and Joshua made a salad and boiled the noodles. They set the table and got Dave to light some candles, and then they did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Wow!!

Joel has been helping out too, he much prefers helping someone else make their bed than making his own. He has been helping sweep and drying dishes. as well as helping maintain the boys room. Hannah is beginning to help out too but she needs a lot of guidance. Small beginnings… I’m not worried about her.

I think we all want the overnight success but is starts with ‘small beginnings’ and don’t get me wrong we still have lots of improvements to make. The more I thought about it the more things I found that this could be applied to.

Perhaps you have decided you are going to work at eliminating debt, you have cut things out and sacrificed and at the end of the first month you only have $20 to put on debt. Hmmm, only $20 after all that work… but it is $20 you didn’t have last month and it is $20 you do not have to pay interest on!! How about losing weight, 1/2 a pound is better than nothing or worse gaining a 1/2. What about your devotional life, special time with a child, a new business, it starts with ‘small beginnings.’

The other fabulous part is, the LORD rejoices to see work begin!!!!! So what is your small beginning????

Oh hey we are still working on baby names how about Zerubbabel?? 😀

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