How we did!

I had meant to check in at the end of the day and let you all know how the list went. Here is the break down…

*Clean the kitchen -DONE

*laundry -Okay This is rarely ever completed even when I think it is all finished someone finds a sock in their boot or something is spilled and it all starts over again.

*homeschool -This is an everyday thing around here.

*play room needs organizing -Yes completed!!!

*homeschool room needs rejigging -Partially completed but not 100% completed.

*correspondence (letter writing) -I haven’t even started it yet 🙁

*We use Mangers of Their Home and our master schedule needs some work -Still working on this one.

*Joshua has informed me we need more cookies 🙂 -We made Brownies instead but we still need some cookies I am told.

*Bathrooms need cleaning -This got done!

*Children’s rooms need some organization -They are both looking good for the time being.

*I have one short e-book I want to read and I want to finish another book that I am reading. -Not done.

*Make breadcrumbs -DONE!

*Time with Mocha -Yep!

*Make supper -Of Course!!

*clean up after supper -Yes

*Joel has just informed me he needs a bath -It did happen but not until the next day

*Of course bedtime stories we are currently reading Alice in Wonderland and Mossflower
-Still reading Mossflower but we have finished Alice in Wonderland and have moved on to Alice Through the Looking Glass

There you have it!

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