Bits and Pieces

Dave and I and the kids are going away for a few days so I thought I would share a few snippets of the past week I originally thought I would make these in to several posts but thought as I am going to be away I would just give you all the highlights.

As for our Spring reading List that is going slowly, but, we did finish Vinegar Boy on Easter Sunday an excellent pre- Easter read.

For Easter we did our annual treasure hunt as the kids call it. They follow clues to their treasure. We aren’t too big on candy so they get a little sweet and a gift. It seems to work out good for us.

Here is the treasure right before they found it.
Of course, the sweets go first…
MMM Chocolate!!
And on to the treasure…

Did you notice the amount of books does it remind you of a recent post about Bibliophilia?

So it was a long and cold winter, but finally spring is here. We were going crazy being cooped up inside, now that the warmer weather is here we have been taking every opportunity to get outside and run off some of the pent up energy. This is Joel he was tossing sticks in the water.Notice what looks like a pile of sticks in the water, that would be where our friendly beaver lives. Turns out he is not a bachelor as we saw him with his sweetheart of course I have yet to capture 2 at once on camera but I will keep you posted. (That was who Joel was trying to give his sticks to.)
Josh taking a break he is too cute.
Can you believe he knocked that huge tree down with just that stick? Of course not but it is fun to pretend.
Hannah is following the example of her brother and is quite a stick connoisseur.

Can she smile any bigger? I am not sure but I bet if I posed the question she would strive to find the answer.
Our first picnic it was a little cool but a ton of fun. Yes, Taliah has a different hat on right now not sure why she brought two.Does any one know what kind of bird this is?

Our homeschool group has started an indoor soccer thing every other Friday I thought I would take some pictures. I got a few cute ones of my little guys but the pictures of Elijah and Taliah didn’t turn out I was rather disappointed I will have to try again. Here are the little ones…

Joel not as sharp a picture but I still like it,
Joshua holding his ball I think I had my settings all wrong because all my action shots were blurry.
Here is one of Taliah I think she talked more than she played.
This is where the soccer stopped and the craziness began.
It doesn’t take long to attract a friend even if he is your brother.
Of course little sis has to join in too!
Taking a break together, their relationship intrigues me, they are the best of friends but they can be at each others throats as well.
Hannah had a good time just hanging out.
Again not a perfect picture but something about it I like and it proves he was there with us.
This one is probably my favorite shot from that day of Joel.

Okay this picture has nothing to do with anything it just makes me laugh Hannah was singing away in her gibberishy way as she sat on a toy tractor while wearing her stethoscope.

Blessings to you all well we are away!
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