To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate That is the Question

Swine Flu, H1N1, vaccinations, over estimated, epidemic, pandemic, over reaction… ???? I decided I would weigh in on this one as loaded a topic as it is.

Oh I am one who worries with the best of them. I am sure our good Lord thinks, “Cheryl when are you going to relax and take me at my Word?? Cast your cares on me child I can handle it, relax and trust in me alone!!!!”

I hear about Swine flu, Avian Flu, West Nile etc, and my paranoid feelings go into mass hysteria. Just ask Dave I can go a little loopy. What it all comes down to is that there seems to be equally qualified people giving out information so who do you listen to? Did I also mention I am a sucker for a conspiracy theory, Mel Gibson, I am right there with you.

As I see it there is a degree of risk on both sides, Dave and I have talked about it and decided just as we did with the flu shot a few years ago we will not vaccinate. A few years ago when the push was on for everyone to get the flu shot I asked my doctor about it and I feel her answer would still apply to the swine flu. She told me for the elderly and someone who has a compromised immune system she MIGHT advise it, but for a child that is healthy she in good conscience could not push something that we have no idea its long term effects.

Now I don’t want anyone to be the statistic that succumbs to Swine flu or any other flu, especially my own dear ones. Yet that being said I am of the current opinion that the risks involved with the vaccine outways the risks involved with the flu. At this point Dave and I feel our best line of defense is to do our best to support our children’s and our own immune systems.

With the older children we have discussed the importance of good hygine and nutrition. We have talked to them about the different vitamins we have them on to help support their immune system. The importance of drinking enough water, exercising and getting a good nights sleep. We have also talked to them about sugar and how it effects our immune systems. For now that is where we stand.

Frankly, it is an individual decision we all need to make. My only advise is research it find out all the info. you can on both sides. Don’t do it because the head of the World Health Organization says to and don’t not do it because your Naturopath tells you not to. Yes, take their advise under advisement but then get to work, read up on both sides and then you can really make an informed decision. I feel the news is doing a great job covering the get the vaccine side of things but to look at the other side of the story check out What Happened to Health and Mercola.

So anyone brave enough to weigh in with what you’ve decided to do??? Whatever you decide is personal…again just be informed!!

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