It has recently occurred to me the amount of trust involved as we read blogs, I could paint this picture perfect life and who would know any different. I have met people and I look at them and think how do they do it? How do they keep all those balls in the air?

Why can’t I do it? Truth is I do not have the picture perfect life, that said I believe I have a really good life, just not a ‘picture perfect’ life. I wish to be as transparent as can be. I thought I would do that by showing a typical happening here. Clutter, I would love to tell you all that I keep an immaculate house. Not entirely true. That is my computer I think…
Under all those books, papers little shoes and clutter is my desk.
Binders, papers, books and of course more clutter.
Need I say more?
I do feel the need to remind everyone we are currently living in a small space so there is not room for a place for everything and everything in its place.
So with a little work we were on our way back to a neater space, I knew we had a mouse with this computer.
And under all that stuff there is a desk.
Look you can see our lovely green carpet I believe it is an antique.
Ahh much better.
I have heard it said that some people find comfort in their clutter they want all their things around them. I on the other hand am not one of those clutter lovers I prefer to have things neat and tidy. That is not always reality, reality is that sometimes we let things pile up that sometimes it just seems more important to read Frog and Toad for the 98th time. When I first got married someone gave me a picture of a mother and child and it said to take time to enjoy life because the dust will be there tomorrow. So my space may not always be tidy and the clutter does cause me some grief, but there are always days like this one when we get things put back to rights. Did you notice I got everything tidied up and even got a little one to sleep while I was working!?!
It also makes me think of all the clutter that can fill our lives and crowd out the important things. For me sometimes I allow my life to get so busy, running here and there that I forget to just slow down and reflect. When I do slow down and get my priorities straight putting God first and family next things fall into place and are less cluttered. I think it is far easier to take 30 minutes and tidy a room, than it is to lay our hearts open before the Lord and let Him tidy the room. Yet the rewards of inviting Him in to clean house so to speak go way beyond 30 minutes they can last an eternity.

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