Homeschool Highlights

It’s Friday! That means Homeschool Highlight!!! Hmmm, what to write about? All sorts of different things happen in a week around here.

Like, Joshua losing another tooth, he now has no front teeth and told me that it might be hard when he is reading to, “thay wordth like thnake.”

The only problem is that it was a really busy week and I didn’t take any pictures and I love posting with pictures, sooo, I had an idea. Earlier on I mentioned that because I was so busy with our move that I didn’t get to post much about our summer. Today I thought I would write about homeschool and show a glimpse into our summer at the same time.

Something I love to do is field trips. I love to get out with the kids and see things, touch things, hear it, smell it and taste it. Now some field trips you cannot do all of those things at once but with many you can do most of those. We are about an hour drive to any major city or attraction so we have not gone to many museums or art galleries. We are about 45 minutes from a Pioneer Village and I love to take the kids there. The things we learn are amazing. Not to mention all of the learning that stems from the visit.

We took a ride on a scow (I have no idea how that is spelled) It was a boat that was pulled along by horse and was used for taking cargo up and down the St. Lawrence River. In some places it may have been towed by a horse but in most cases several of these boats would be connected together and pulled by a little steam engine tug.

(Hannah and Joel really liked this calf.)

We took turns helping turn the butter and learned a little rhyme (incidental I had to ask Taliah how it went again 🙂 )

Come, butter, come;

Come butter come.
Peter’s waiting at the gate

For a little frosted cake.
Come, butter come.

Of course, we all had to try our hands at milking the cow Joshua just squirted himself. Even Mommy and Daddy tried milking, Hannah just watched this time around. There were new little piglets or piggies as Hannah calls them.Elijah feed some of the pigs.

We checked out the grain mill, the saw mill, the woolen mill and the blacksmith. We visited the baker and the cheese maker. We went to the doctors and the seamstress. (Grain Mill)
Stopped in at the printers and the school house. Of course the girls sat on one side and the boys on the other and there were no grades. Hmm some of the greatest thinkers came out of schools with no grades. Instead of grades there were books with different levels that each student worked through at his or hers own pace. (Joel and Taliah talking to the school teacher.)

We also looked in the general store and visited the tin shop, and the broom maker.

(Taliah doing a seamstress test)

Before we left we bought some bread and fudge. The bread is the very bread we watched the baker making. I forgot to mention we also took a ride on a horse drawn wagon. Now those of you with a keen eye may have noticed a change of clothes including Taliah in period dress. Well there is so much to see and do there that we went a few times this year.

I would encourage all homeschoolers to look around your own area to see what interesting things are near you. I am going to be brave and leave notes in local farmers mailboxes to see if they would be willing to have our homeschool family by for a tour of their farm. The worst that can happen is that they say, “NO!” We have a Bison farm, a miniature horse farm, and an Elk farm near us and I think it would be so neat to go and learn a little about each of these farms.

Hopefully, I will be more organized this week and take some pictures of things as we work on them, so that next Friday you can have a good look at our week. To join the fun click on the link below!!!!
Work & Play, Day By Day

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