Book review ~ The Voice New Testament

The Voice New Testament I recently had the opportunity to review, ‘The Voice New Testament.’  Oh boy, have I struggled with this review.  It wasn’t that it was a difficult read because, ‘The Voice’ for the most part is a smooth read.  Where my struggle was, was that I usually love a book or hate it, occasionally […]

Book Review ~ The Captive Heart

The Captive Heart by Dale Cramer This is the second book in, ‘The Daughters of Caleb Bender’ series, yet if you have not read the first book this one still stands on it’s own. I really enjoyed it, I have been under the weather lately and I read this one in a day while trying […]

Book Review ~ The Resolution for Men

As you may have read in previous posts this is the 3rd book review for 3 great books inspired by the movie Courageous.  This one was perhaps the most challenging for me.  Not because the book was hard to read or lacked in any way but simple because it was written for the target audience: […]

Book Review ~ The Resolution for Women

When we hear the word Resolution (perhaps especially in January) we sometimes hear a collective groan.  Some people hate them others love them, most people see them as something to be broken.  I want to encourage every women out there to not let the word Resolution stop you from picking this book up. The Resolution […]

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