The Mercy ~ Book Review

Once again I had the pleasure of reviewing a book for Bethany House I was given a free copy to review,    the following opinions are my own and I received no other compensation for reviewing this book.

The Mercy, book 3 in The Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis

I have to say I have a thing for Amish fiction,  and Ms. Lewis is one of the best.  I have not had the pleasure of reading the first two books in the series,  while I am sure it answers all sorts of questions it also stands alone as a wonderful read.

The story follows the lives of two Amish sisters.  The older sister is Hannah or Hen as everyone calls her and her younger sister is Rose.  Hen has recently moved back home from her Englisher lifestyle.  She married an Englisher and has a 4 year old daughter but when her marriage was falling apart she returned home with her daughter.  At the beginning of the story we find her nursing her husband back to health after an accident.  He is temporarily blind.  Hen would love it if he would come to embrace the Amish life and they could both be baptized and join the church.

Hen and Rose’s mother was in a buggy accident many years ago and has been in chronic pain ever since.  Through a friend of the family’s she has been convinced to try a surgery that may or may not relieve her pain.  During this carefully woven tale she has the surgery and is a great encouragement to Brandon (Hen’s husband) as he heals from his own accident.

It is a delightful read as Ms. Lewis tells the tale of each girl.  Rose has recently had an engagement ended and in time meets a young man named Issac.  Yet Rose also has a friend that she grew up with named Nick who has left the Amish.  It is apparent that all though she does not want to admit it Nick holds some of her heart strings too.

I really don’t want to say too much more or I will give it all away and there would be no point in you reading it.  I enjoyed the journey to healing that the characters took through the pages of this book.  For some it was physical healing but for many it was healing of the heart and soul.  It was a fun light read!

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