Book Review – Amish Prayers

Amish Prayers
compiled by
Beverly Lewis


I was so excited to receive a copy of this little piece of history.  “A selection of prayers from Die Ernsthafte Christenpflicht is readily available in English.” Amish and Mennonite families have been using these prayers since 1708!

I loved this little book!! I understand the concern some people have with prayer books, that we will become mechanical in our prayers and pray without heart or thought, but I believe that can happen whether you are using a prayer book or not.

I couldn’t help but think that these little prayers would make great discussion starters for family devotions. Also, some times you just don’t know where or how to pray, again these prayers could be such a wonderful comfort in those times.

“We ask you Holy Father, to give us grace that we may live and walk in such a way that we may always be recognized as your servants, who are waiting for their Lord.  Whenever you start the wedding feast, may you find us ready and willing, Lord, every hour of every day. Amen”

Can’t you see a wonderful discussion coming out of that prayer??!!??

I could share prayer after prayer but then you wouldn’t need to buy the book.

In this little book you’ll find prayers for comfort, guidance, unity and strength.  Not to mention 8 other topics.  For a small book it is filled with so much.  Did I mention I loved it!

Disclaimer; I received a free copy from Bethany House, I was under no obligation to give a positive review.  The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions! 

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