Changed by Faith  
By Luis Palau

Do you know Mr. Palau?????  Wow!!!  I don’t know where I have been because Mr. Palau has written nearly 50 books!  I loved loved LOVED this book.  When I first started reading this book I thought Mr. Palau was a young writer there is such a youthful energy about how he writes until I got to chapter 3 and he writes, “In December 1944…” continue to read on to discover he was 10 at the time.  A little Math later 77!  (Somehow I missed the reference to him being married in 1960 in the Introduction.) The hope, faith , joy and energy that this wonderful 77 year old writes with is amazing.  He is running the race and though he may be nearing the end of his race he is showing no signs of slowing down this servant of our Lord is picking up speed.

Now for the book, from the sleevenotes, we read; “You might believe in God, but do you feel that he has truly changed your life?  Are you on an amazing, world-shaking spiritual journey – or are you feeling restless and dissatisfied, wondering if this is really the best that faith in Jesus has to offer?”

Throughout this book Mr. Palau shares story after story of lives that have been changed by Jesus!  If you aren’t living that world shaking deep faith life this book won’t make you feel bad.  It will breath fresh air into your sails and drive you to your Lord.  It is such a fantastic encouraging read!!

He sugar coats nothing, he shares the real raw broken pieces that God radically gets a hold of and changes into something beautiful.

Mr. Palau shares the inspiring story of his own father, and then shares this.  “And it all starts with ordinary people–businessmen, young mothers, students, couples, and singles- people willing to listen to the truth of Jesus Christ and actually let it redirect their lives.  It starts with people willing to discover the real Jesus and the revolutionary life he offers us.  People willing to trade in their ashes for beauty; to pick up their own crosses and follow after their Savior.”

What an encouragement, ordinary people like you and me can have life changing faith. This is a must read!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book, the opinions expressed in this review are mine and I was under no obligation to write a positive review.

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