Book Review – Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep

I have recently had the opportunity to review, “Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep.”  I had a little help reviewing this book the kids enjoyed the bright pictures and the fun story.  As you can imagine they could also relate to the title as that is something that echoes through this house.

The story is about a little boy, Zachary who has just welcomed a new baby sister into the family.  As he adjusts to his new sister we go on an adventure where he protects his little sister from all kinds of perils.  When Zachary dons his black framed glasses he becomes a super hero brother.

My favorite part of this book is not the story, as much as it is the way the story is told.  It focuses on consonant blends and the teacher in me loves fun ways to reinforce what the kids are already learning.  It is a fun story full of imagination but for me Kathy has saved the best part for the last with all sorts of teacher resources and activities at the end of the book.  Well done Kathy!  To make things fun Kathy has been holding daily trivia questions so here is today’s.

Description: Affleck starred in this movie of a super hero in 2003.
Come to Stephanie Brandt’s blog on June 30th for the answer!
Description: Description: Who would you expect to find living in Smallville?
ANSWER: Clark Kent. The TV shows cover the adventures of a young “Superman”.
Remember; Every answer or comment you make during this book tour puts your name in the hat for a fantastic prize, which includes amazon gift certificates, books, superhero figurines, and much more.
There will be drawings at the end of the tour from those who comment or answer a superhero trivia question on this or any other site during the tour from June 13th-July 5th. Please include your email address in a safe format: dancekam1(at)yahoo(dot) com
Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep can be found:
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