Book Review ~ The Resolution for Women

When we hear the word Resolution (perhaps especially in January) we sometimes hear a collective groan.  Some people hate them others love them, most people see them as something to be broken.  I want to encourage every women out there to not let the word Resolution stop you from picking this book up.

The Resolution for Men ~ Priscilla Shirer

Ms. Shirer herself writes in the very beginning of the book,”I’ll admit, I’m sensitive about resolutions.  Frankly, the whole word and it’s meaning disturb me a bit.”  She goes on to share her feelings about failure and obligation etc. that go along with resolution but then comes to the point that if we look at our lives we are all making resolutions one way or another.  The way we choose to act, live, behave are all forms of resolutions.

While the movie Courageous focuses on the lives of four men it seems only natural to have The Resolution for Men.  Yet there were also wives and daughters in the movie and our courageous men that step up to the challenge of The Resolution for Men need women who are willing to do the same.  Hence The Resolution for Women.

This is a book for all women; young or old, married or single, a mother of many, few, one or none. Yes, there are chapters pertaining to being a wife and a mother but there is so much more to this book than just those chapters, and I think there is wisdom to be gained from those chapters even if you are not personally married or you do not have children.  This book challenges us to love God, to be content with who and where we are at in life, to love others, to embrace who God has made us, to leave a Godly legacy, and so very much more. It is another must read and  I am very excited about this book.  I kept thinking if every Christian woman would pick up this book and resolve to live this way, what an incredible difference that would make.

Ms. Shirer writes in a way that makes you feel like your sitting down with a good friend as you turn the pages.  There is a lot to this book though and it is definitely one I want to go back and reread at a slower pace as each chapter has some questions to help the reader go a little deeper at the end of the chapter.  I think this book could easily be used in a group setting as a study.

It really is a must read!

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