February Boys (in March)

I have been wanting to do a quick post about my February boys Elijah and Samuel!  Here we are almost at the end of March if I don’t do a shout out to them now April will be here and then that seems like far too much time to jump back. So 17 years ago […]

Birthday Crown in the works…

I wanted to make Samuel a Birthday Crown, his birthday is this Friday.  Once again I have left things to the last-minute.  I have had a bit of a creative block going on, but tonight I forced myself to get moving.  I know I am a little crazy, but I think I may make Samuel […]

Samuel 17 Months

Today my little man is 17 months old and I can hardly believe it.  Time has flown by yet at the same time I find it hard to remember our lives without him.  Samuel has brought so much joy to our lives.  Each of my children are special in their own ways but I think […]

Bad Momma Moment & Joel’s MRI results

Don’t we as Momma’s always try to be the best Momma we can and sometimes find we are comparing ourselves to other Mom’s. I am trying to feed my children healthy food, adding in organics where I can. Making things from scratch… I don’t grind my own grains but want to… Well I did something […]

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