I have said many times in the last two years that I need to write regularly on here…while I am trying. I feel the need to squeeze in a few posts before the end of the month.  To write about something the following month seems slightly acceptable but to flip the calendar to yet another […]

February Boys (in March)

I have been wanting to do a quick post about my February boys Elijah and Samuel!  Here we are almost at the end of March if I don’t do a shout out to them now April will be here and then that seems like far too much time to jump back. So 17 years ago […]

14 Years

I remember 13 years 364 days ago, very late in the day around 11 pm my water broke.  Dave and I were over the moon with excitement.  We hurried off to the hospital where they confirmed that yes my water did break and I was in the early stages of labour.  They encouraged us to […]

A couple of my guys….

Today was a special day in our house which passed without much pomp and circumstance.  13 years ago today I gave birth to my very first child.  I find it hard to believe I am the mother of a teenager.  I remember years ago when I only had wee little ones listening to another Mom […]

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