Samuel 17 Months

Today my little man is 17 months old and I can hardly believe it.  Time has flown by yet at the same time I find it hard to remember our lives without him. 

Samuel has brought so much joy to our lives.  Each of my children are special in their own ways but I think we all feel the joy that Samuel brings.  He came to us at such a difficult time and at only a few days old, he laid beside Joel in his hospital bed, bringing comfort to him.

He is starting to talk; ball, Momma, uh oh,  King (our cat, he calls all cats King) a-ee (Daddy), ee (eat), ow (no), dee (soother), he consistently calls Taliah by the same name  something similar to his Daddy word but a slight variation.

He loves to play, his favourite things to play with are balls, he is already learning to catch a ball that is bounced gently towards him and then he’ll bounce it back.  He loves a good game of peek-a-boo, and is pretty much up for anything the big kids are up to.

He is up and down stairs way to quickly, and in to everything!  Samuel you are pure joy and we love you lots.

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