Birthday Crown in the works…

I wanted to make Samuel a Birthday Crown, his birthday is this Friday.  Once again I have left things to the last-minute.  I have had a bit of a creative block going on, but tonight I forced myself to get moving.  I know I am a little crazy, but I think I may make Samuel 2 Birthday Crowns (after all he is turning two!)

Samuel loves to dress up and he loves Hannah’s crown and cape.  So I had already decided to make him a cape.  When I thought about the Birthday Crown, I knew he would want to wear it all the time but I wanted him to have something special to wear on just his birthday… so I will make a simpler version for everyday and this one just for his birthday.

I usually start by sketching my ideas.

From there I start cutting things out.  I often make my own patterns, and what I picture in my head, does not always come out.  I actually resized the shape of the crown after this picture.

I am not sure how many attempts at a snowflake I took.  I am not highly skilled with felt and again what I envision does not usually translate perfectly. 

Since Samuel is a February baby I wanted his crown to have a winter feel.  I am sure had it been for a little girl I would have gone heart crazy.  This however needed to be a manly crown.  It still has many finishing touched but I am well on my way.  The striped material will make his cape.  Stay tuned for the finished product!  

Are you crafting anything??

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