How can it be that you are already one?

Samuel you have been an amazing gift to our family.  God sent you to our family when we were dealing with some very tough stuff.  I remember your first trip to the Children’s Hospital when you were only 8 days old, even at that young age you cheered your big brother on as he did battle with all those nasty cancer cells!

You have brought a million smiles to our faces already.  We do hope that this coming year you will sleep more at night-time, and we look forward to watching you continue to explore the world around you.  We love you so much! God Bless You my Sweet Little One.

Samuel will be celebrating his Birthday on Saturday, but as today was his actual day we did a test run 🙂  Here are the highlights…

After a very busy day of going to dentist appointments and then off to the children’s hospital Samuel was happy to be home and stretch his legs.  I am trying to do the homemade thing and I stayed up really late last night making this sock puppy for Samuel!  I think he really likes it!

We also gave Samuel his first taste of Birthday cake and he liked that too!

Although he wasn’t too sure about what to make of the candle!

He did know what to do with the cake!

After a bath and some playtime it was time to cuddle up with his new-found friend! Sweet Dreams one year old!

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