Catching Up Week 32, 33, 34, 35

I am painfully aware at how horribly behind I am.  It will be almost miraculous if I am able to catch up before the end of the year… Week 32 06/08/13 This has to be one of my all time favourite pictures from this summer.  We just decided it would be fun to pack up […]

Week 30 & 31

Week 30 23/07/13 I know, I have a thing about moons, this one was just such a pretty colour I couldn’t resist. 24/07/13  No picture 25/07/13 Lance was posing so nicely… 26/07/13 This week the children attended a camp put on by our local YFC, it was a VBS type camp.  With Joel’s cancer and […]

Week 25 – 29

Ugh this is really bad 5 weeks in one post, yikes. Week 25 18/06/13  no picture 19/06/13 These boys crack me up, they are often snuggled in close together.  Dave was laughing at their red ears.  My boys seemed to get bright red ears when they are tired.  I always know when they need to […]

Week 24

Week 24 11/06/13 This was Elijah’s last official night at Air Cadets.  He has really enjoyed this past year.  I was so unsure about putting him in it, but it has been a pretty good experience for him.  We joke about it a bit, Elijah is in Air Cadets and our nephew is in Army […]

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