Week 19

Week 19

o7/05/13Beautiful plum-tree blossoms!  I just adore all the new life, the apple blossoms are out now too, even some of our strawberry plants are starting to bloom!  I love the incredible colours of spring the green is so vibrant, that it seems unreal.


Just a pile of school books on our couch.  In the search for something that would lend it’s self to the way Joel seems to learn we have embarked on a new approach, so far everyone seems to be enjoying it.  In fact I have heard from a few of the kids that school is a lot more fun. Win/win for me.  When I am more confident in what we are doing I’ll share a post.


We got chores and school done in good time so we took the kid’s to a local park to fish.  Not much fishing happened but the kid’s all had fun and Elijah managed to catch 2 small fish.

10/05/13    no picture


This has to be my favourite picture from the week.  I love watching the kid’s follow Dave and do what he is doing.  Samuel loves to be outside, and when Dave is home he often shadows him.


On Mother’s Day we decided it would be nice to go for a little drive around where we live and saw this fella watching us!


Dave extended the area where we keep our chickens, it is beyond a run because it is larger than that.  We do keep them in a fenced area because they like to sit on our front porch and they leave behind a mess.  photo credit: Dave

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