Week 14

Ha ha! Week 14! Just one week, not three or five all at once.   I finally have my weekly post up on time.  Just when I was starting to feel all proud of myself and I went to grab my pictures and…. Umm where are my pictures from the 2nd and the 3rd?   It is possible I forgot but I have a vague recollection of taking some other pictures but I also finally cleared off my SD card, and I think I lost them.  So, while I may be on time, I am apparently lacking in the photo department.  There is always next week!

o2/04/13   no picture

03/04/13   no picture


Unfortunately this picture really doesn’t do this Lego creation justice.  It is a very cool Viking ship that Joshua designed and built himself.  I love the creations the children make up the best!


It is too early for any flowers from our yard, my Mom and Dad brought flowers over on Easter Sunday.  They were still looking so nice, I thought I’d try to capture their brilliance!


Photo credit: Dave

Some of the eggs look really small but in reality they are the  normal size eggs and the bigger ones are HUGE!  We can’t close the cartons with them in there.


Joel loves this cat, and the cat puts up with so much.  We have been blessed with the nicest cats. (Look at that there is no snow in this picture, we still have some but it is melting now!!)

08/04/13This is a picture of the little skirt I made for Hannah’s bunny, you can find the pattern here.

I am going to boldly say, “Here’s to week 15!”

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