Week 18

Another peek into our week.

30/04/13  This is an actual shot of Joel doing his growth hormone injection, so proud of him.

01/05/13  Wee sprouts

02/05/13  My parent dropped off a wedding anniversary gift (from my Mom, Dad, and  brother), 2 apple trees for our little orchard.

03/05/13  For our 16th anniversary Dave and I decided to take our family on a drive and end up at one of our favourite nature spots.  It was a fantastic day, it was kind of a last-minute thing, it was so simple, but so wonderful to sit back on this secluded bit of beach and watch our children play and explore, I ‘ll have to post more pictures from that day.  I think we will all remember this sweet sixteen.

04/05/13   So nice to see some new growth, mmm, can’t wait for raspberries.

05/05/13    no picture

06/05/13     no picture


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