Week 25 – 29

Ugh this is really bad 5 weeks in one post, yikes.

Week 25

18/06/13  no picture


These boys crack me up, they are often snuggled in close together.  Dave was laughing at their red ears.  My boys seemed to get bright red ears when they are tired.  I always know when they need to get to bed because their ears go red.


Our moose finally moved on.  The children named her Bella.  They gave us a bit of a scare, they came in with arms stretched out saying, “We got this close to her.”  We had to explain to them that she is not like the neighbours cows she is a wild animal, that has the potential to be very dangerous. (photo credit: Dave)


This dessert won’t win any prizes for being the most healthy, but it is yummy!  We were invited over to a friend’s house for supper and this is a favourite with our children.

22/06/13  no picture

23/06/13  no picture


Poor Samuel had a high fever.  It was work to get him to drink.  All he wanted to do was sleep for about 24 hours and then he was back to himself.  It had been so hot that day and the children were outside I thought he had heat exhaustion.  However, the next day Josh and Joel were down with it followed by Hannah.  A few days later I got it.

Week 26

25/06/13  no picture


Dave took this one of the clouds rolling in.


Saw this cutie and had to take his picture.  Samuel tried so hard to catch him, but he was far too quick for a toddler.

28/06/13  no picture


Joel playing on his tire swing.  So nice to see him trying things that he would not have tried even a year ago.  (photo credit: Taliah)

30/06/13  no picture


Canada Day!  Dave had to work, so I piled the children in the van and went for a drive.  Elijah decided to stay behind.  We decided to park at the hospital and sit in the van and watch the fireworks.  We popped popcorn and brought it along.  When we turned on the van the song on the radio was, ‘I saw the light.’  The kids thought it was so funny that the first thing we heard was, “Praise the Lord, I saw the light!” right after the fireworks.

Week 27

02/07/13  no picture

03/07/13  no picture

04/07/13  no picture


We celebrated Hannah’s sixth birthday a few days early with my parents and brother, because Elijah was going to be gone on her actual birthday.


This summer we have had a few hens go broody.  However when ever we try moving them, that seems to snap them right out of it.  So Dave decided to add-on to our already ugly chicken coop.  He blocked off her nesting box from the rest of the coop and built a tiny coop for her attached to her nesting box.  We are all hoping things go well and we have some new chicks soon. (photo credit: Dave)


Off to camp for two weeks, we missed him!


This summer we have been dealing with some unbearable heat.  It isn’t that our temps are crazy high, as much as it is the humidity.  Our house generally stays cool, however I saw the temp hit 32 C in the house that is about 89.6 F and with the humidity that had us at around 43 C or 109.4 F in the house.   Samuel wouldn’t let me put anything but a diaper on, he would hold up his hand and say, “No no, hot.”  However the very same day Joel had a t-shirt on with a sweater, zipped up hood on, and a sweater vest on top of that.  Ever since he had radiation he has trouble regulating his temperature.  When the humidity finally broke the house was at 27 C or 80.6 F I found it on the cool side.  I guess I am slowly getting use to the warmer weather.

Week 28


I am thrilled that Joel is becoming more and more independent.  He is gaining dexterity, and did the buttons up himself.  A year ago he didn’t have the fine motor control.  However, his umm style may need some work.


Oh I love peas fresh from the garden, I am not the only one.  Not sure how many will make it to the freezer this year.  (photo credit: Dave)

11/07/13  no picture


Hannah’s actual birthday.  Wow 6 years old seems so grown up.  Loving watching her personality unfold.


Our Super Sam!  This child has an amazing imagination.  He is always some character on some adventure.  He is only two but you can see the story being weaved together in his mind.  I watched him today, push his 2 rocking horses up to the end of his bed. He had a rope wrapped around each of their heads, then he climbed up on to the end of his bed and let out a “Yah yah!”  He was driving his team somewhere and his bed was the wagon.

14/07/13  no picture

15/07/13  no picture

Week 29

16/07/13  no picture

17/07/13  no picture


Finally, blueberries.  In the past few years we have only had a few berries from our bushes but this year it looks like we will actually freeze some.  (photo credit: Dave)


This is not the clearest picture from the week but it is my favourite.  My oldest, Elijah, holding my youngest, Samuel.


Dave has been carefully watching our garlic.  I think we are going to have a good crop of them.  This was a test one he is going to leave them in just a little longer.  (photo credit: Dave)


Dave took this picture of our blackberries, they have really grown this year. It is wonderful to see these plants that we have watched grow over the last couple of years begin to bear fruit.

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