Hannah is 5!

Hard to believe my little girl is already 5, that also means we have been in Eastern Ontario for 5 years!  Hannah was born about a month after we moved down this way. Hannah was very excited to turn 5 and she kicks off our summer birthdays, there are 4 in the summer. We had […]

1-6 Number Game

Joel seems to be dominating my blog lately, truly I do have other children and I do spend time with them too. Joel is a bright little guy.  He has an excellent sense of humour and keeps us laughing.  He is not unintelligent, but his brain has been effected by his surgery and possible by […]

Felt Crowns, Princess Wands & Capes

I have been wanting to post Hannah’s Christmas present for a while and I am finally getting to it.  I decided to make one for my cousin’s daughter for Christmas too.  Hannah likes to dress up and is usually in to everything girly, I saw this crown on Pinterest and thought I could probably make […]


So back to normal around here I promise not to blog about any more Giveaways for sometime unless it is one I am hosting.  ( I am trying to be creative here at home and I just might share some of that creativity in the near future.) Hannah made me laugh the other day and […]

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