Birthday Girls

As promised here is a post about the girls birthdays. We celebrated their birthdays about two weeks apart. Hannah was thrilled to celebrate her special day. She is now 3 years old what a big girl.

Hannah didn’t need any help blowing out her candles. When she finished her cake she hopped out of her chair and swept up her crumbs.
Although Hannah studied each card like she was reading them at just 3 years old no she is not reading her own cards.
Some much needed bling from Gramma!
She was thrilled to get a new set of pots for her kitchen.
Here is Hannah getting lots of encouragement from her brothers.
I’d say she was happy with the outcome of her day!!!
We always let the kids pick their birthday meals. Taliah picked meatloaf with pasta salad and corn on the cob. For fun I have recently started shaping our meatloaves into things we have had turtles, hippos etc. For Taliah’s birthday I did a horses head. Gramma suggest the olives for the eyes.
Well, I am highlighting Taliah birthday, but I had to share this picture of Joel. He is missing 7 teeth in the front…he does have the two on the bottom starting to grow but they are still very small. I offered to cut them off but he insisted on eating it on the cob.
Taliah’s cake had her favorite chocolate bar on it spelling Talli (we often call Taliah- Talli).
Hannah felt like an expert after her birthday so she closely oversaw Taliah’s effort as Taliah opened her presents.
Can you find Joel?
Taliah was thrilled to get some spending money for her birthday, thankfully she is very wise about spending and saving her money.
I love this picture of Taliah she has such a genuine smile. Happy 10th Birthday Taliah!!

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