Off to the hospital

My Internet was down for a few days so I was unable to update. I am plugging away at my list of stuff to do… slowly.
I had to call Dave to come home from work tonight so I could take this monkey to the hospital.
It took me to child number 5 to take one in with something shoved up her nose. She pushed a plastic bead up there. I am sure if this was one of our first visits to the emergency we might have been a little worried, but after dealing with Joel’s brain surgery and all the stuff that has followed this was a drop in the bucket. It even pales in comparison to when we had to rush Joshua in to the hospital for eating glass.
We have been so blessed over the years that we have always had wonderful treatment anytime we have had to take one of the children in to emerge. Sure, we have had to wait a few hours here in there but the care has always been good. Thankfully, tonight we were in and out very quickly. As Dave put it we spent more time with the paper work than getting the actual bead out.
Hannah was sound asleep by the time we got home, I am hoping that Hannah has got it in her head to not put anything up her nose again.

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