Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

Hannah turned 4 today.  She is a constant delight.  Hannah is a very loving child that loves to sing.  She has always been a very happy child.  Lately, when we tell her to smile she gives us this big eyed smile.
 We got these huge balloons at the dollar store and they were a HUGE hit with the kids.
 Here is my 13 year old with one of the balloons.
 It was taller than Hannah.
 She received a beautiful little cross from her Grandparents.  She does not want to take it off.
 Elijah gave Hannah some of his toy horses that he has outgrown.  Hannah loves horses and was thrilled with them.
  Reading a card or trying to.
We always let the kids pick the menu for their birthday.  Hannah picked sausages, broccoli, bread and butter and salad.  For dessert she asked for Ice cream and homemade maple syrup.  So we stuck a candle in her ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to her.  She is growing up so quickly.  Happy Birthday my sweet little girl.
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