Another Update

Can you believe I am sitting in a beautiful bed, with Joel sound asleep. I can adjust the temperature and the lighting and when I turn out the light it is dark. Really dark! Oh and it is so quiet, no beeping or dinging, no crying from another patient. Tonight Joel went to sleep with a bedtime story and not a blood pressure cuff! I have never been more thankful for a Happy Meal or a Big Mac in my life. If you haven’t already guessed it Joel and I are spending our first night at the Ronald McDonald House.

We didn’t get here until sometime after 5pm, Joel’s Chemo was late today so we were late leaving the hospital. It is nice to feel settled in here, they want us back in our hospital room by 8am so I hope we don’t sleep in.

I was just going to say that I am writing kind of late tonight because I couldn’t get my wireless connection here to work when all of a sudden it connected, only just now I noticed that as I type this I am once again disconnected I see my trouble with Internet access has followed me from the hospital. Hopefully, this will save and I can post this in the morning. Good night all.

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