Teeth or lack there of….

Joel and I are back from the hospital… things went well. It was quiet in the O.R . today with Canada Day on Thursday most surgeons opted for a long weekend. It was just dental and emergency’s today.

Interestingly as I watched the other (dental) kids in recovery they bleed a lot. Joel not sure if it had to do with the fact that the teeth that were extracted were already on the loose side or that he is just a really good clotter but he didn’t really bleed.

They were able to get the x-rays of his back teeth that they couldn’t get when he was awake. (Poor guy kept gagging.) There were no other problem areas…just the front upper two that needed to be pulled. However, not sure why Joel had 3 other loose teeth so they pulled them too. I asked why they needed to come out as appose to them falling out on their own. Now the bottom two were barely hanging on (which I can attest for I could have poked them out myself) but the other one I had no idea was even loose. For the life of me I can’t remember what she said about the third loose tooth. So in total Joel is missing 5 teeth…poor tooth fairy!!

Joel’s grin is going to take a little getting use to but as in everything it could have been much worse. As I mentioned before the other dental kids bleed a lot and they all needed pain med. Joel opted for none. I’ve asked him several times if he has any pain… nope. Just his leg which has troubled him since his brain surgery not related to his teeth at all:)

As a side note tomorrow is the big day, our garage sale and I feel so unprepared could be a late one tonight.


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