Just a fast update

Hi Everyone!!
To answer a few questions, Joel’s tumor was a posterior fossa tumor, which pathology confirmed to be a medulloblastoma. Posterior fossa has to do with the location of the brain the tumor was found in, and Medulloblastoma is the actual type of tumor.

Savannah, interestingly enough, they tried Joel on propophyll today, and he was a totally different person coming out of sedation. One of the OR nurses, that had been there for a few of Joel’s wake ups, mouth dropped open when she saw him quietly sitting on his bed. So, I think they will be sticking with it from now on. Huge difference and much more pleasant for everyone involved.

They are going to give us another weekend pass, barring any infections etc. As things stand today, they are looking at trying Joel and I for two overnights at Ronald McDonald house on May 10 and 11 (I think), and if it goes well, we could move to out patient status!!

An update on my Dad: he is resting at home. Turns out the doctor did some more x-rays today, and he does not think it is the hip but that it is the pelvis, so at this point no surgery. He needs to have a CT scan done so they can make the final decision on that, but we are hoping that things heal up quickly without any surgery.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. As I am once again wireless I have got to run… blessings to you all.

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