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Today was another good day for Joel, he woke up really well after his radiation. We played, went for a walk and spent some time blowing bubbles with Molly Penny. Molly Penny is the hospital’s clown. Joel gets very excited when he sees her. They spent some time outside making bubbles together. Joel had a blast.Joel has been on a waiting list forever at our dentist… okay 12 months or so. They found two cavities not too big so they booked him in 3 months later. I had to cancel because it happened to fall right around moving day. So they booked him a few months down the road at that time I asked for him to be put on a cancellation list. Only to have to cancel again because of stomach flu. He had an appointment just before we came to the hospital but that morning he woke with one of his really bad headaches and vomiting so once again I had to reschedule. Each time I asked that he stay on the cancellation list. He even had his teeth cleaned again in between all of this.

Joel saw the hospital dentist today. She informed me that problems in the mouth can intensify quickly once radiation and chemo start. She said that Joel’s 2 front teeth are going to have to be pulled because of how long things were let go. I am mad with my dentist and myself. All of our previous dentists would get us in right away for fillings. I thought it was so strange that she booked things so far away. I am annoyed that he went for two cleanings six months apart and both time they saw these cavities and still booked him down the road. I am frustrated with myself that I didn’t push for him to get in sooner. Now he is going to have to have yet another sedation and go through yet another procedure that was 100% preventable.

In the meantime Joel has started on a mouth rinse twice a day and has a special toothpaste for bedtime. They also gave us some gel for mouth sores as that is a common side effect to cancer treatment.

It is hard to swallow all that he is going through… He was so co-operative with all the doctors and nurses today… he was such a good little guy today.

For Joel today was a good day as a parent it was a tough one. It amazes me just when I think I have a clear picture of what lays ahead for us, the doctors give me just a little more info. I know you guys are praying for us and believe me when I say we feel it and are incredible blessed by your love and concern for us. Thanks.

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