a good day

I was sitting here thinking about what I would share today hoping for something wonderfully profound to pop into my head, but that just didn’t happen.

Today was a pretty good day. Lately, I would have to say, we have made a transition; we now have more positive moments then negative in a day. Joel has really turned a corner with the hospital staff. He has become really friendly with them.

Joel spent some more time with his friend Molly Penny (the clown). Molly was teaching Joel some tricks, and just amazing him in general.

We had a nice visit with our friend Colin, and his Mom. Colin went home about 2 weeks ago and was back at the hospital for a planning meeting for future surgery. We then had a visit from Truusje, who brought us some lovely muffins.

Joel was also active artistically, painting and modge podging a jar. He also did a lot of walking. Can you believe he did all of that in the afternoon and evening, because his morning was full with his radiation treatment.

So that was our day. I am yawning away as I am typing, so I will hopefully be a bit more eloquent tomorrow. Blessings to you all.

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