I have a tradition with my children each birthday I tell them everything I remember from the day they were born.  I love watching their eager faces as I tell them their story.  It is funny each year it is like the first time that they have heard the story, because they await each detail […]

My Middle Boys

A very generous lady that Dave works with passed along some hand-me-downs to Joshua and Joel.  They were thrilled and proceeded to give us a slightly humorous fashion show.  I’m so glad I grabbed my camera!       For all of you who have lifted Joel up in prayer, as he battled brain cancer, here he […]

10 Commandments

Recently at church our pastor’s wife taught the kids an easy way to learn the 10 Commandments.  I think it is wise for children to learn the 10 Commandments because firstly,  it is the foundation for morality and secondly,  it points us all to our need for a Saviour.  I recorded Joshua reciting the 10 Commandments, […]

Pirates & a Princess

A few posts ago I mentioned that Joel’s good eye was starting to show weakness. Oddly enough he favors his eye that is turned in slightly. They are going to wait until he has finished all of his chemo treatments before intervening with the left eye, in the meantime they want his right eye to […]

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