Last but not least…Joshua

Finally, we have come to the end of the children’s birthdays for this year!! Joshua turned 7 and was thrilled it was finally his day. This is a picture of Joel and Joshua with a huge balloon Joshua got on his birthday. I wish I had the camera in my hand when he saw that balloon come in the house.

We always let whoever the birthday girl or boy (big or small) pick out their birthday meals, including dessert. Joshua asked for chocolate trifle… I was a little unsure of how we would do candles in it but it worked out fine. I scooped some into a bowl for him and then put the candles in his own portion.

My flash did not go off but I love the glow on his face from ALL those candles!
Joshua sitting patiently… ready to open his presents. I think I took about 20 pictures of him opening his presents but most of his pictures this year either had the wrapping paper in front of his face or the actual present covering his face.
Ahh, money for his birthday. He is deciding to save his money and think about what he could use it for. Good decision. Daddy suggested Joshua could take him out to Tim Hortons for breakfast.
Lego, Lego and more Lego… is it possible for one house to have TOO MUCH LEGO?

Happy Birthday Joshua! You are such a sweet and funny boy. You often have us all laughing we love you so much and are glad to have you in our family. I had to share one more picture of Joshua and the huge lobster balloon.

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