10 Commandments

Recently at church our pastor’s wife taught the kids an easy way to learn the 10 Commandments.  I think it is wise for children to learn the 10 Commandments because firstly,  it is the foundation for morality and secondly,  it points us all to our need for a Saviour.  I recorded Joshua reciting the 10 Commandments,  I debated editing the but decided to leave it just as he said them.  At one point he has the hand sign right but you can see him searching for the right one I love the look on his face when he remembers it.

In case it wasn’t clear in the video…

  1. You hold up one finger,  “There is only one God.”
  2. You hold up two fingers and make them like scissors cutting down the idols.  “Do not make any idols.”
  3. You hold up three fingers to your lips,  “Don’t use God’s name in vain.”  You can also tell your children that the 3 fingers represent,  the Father,   Son,  and Holy Spirit.
  4. You hold up four fingers in front of you like your holding something,  setting it apart.  “Keep God’s day holy.”
  5. Hold up your hand like you are ready to high-five your Mom or Dad.  “Honor your mother and father.”
  6. Put your hands together and with your thumbs and first two fingers make a gun,  I know,   I know,  but it makes 6 being held up.  “Do not murder.”
  7. Lay your palm flat and take your first two fingers of your other hand and place them on the palm. (Mom and Dad and their bed) seven fingers.  This was taught to the children as, “Keep marriage special.”  Joshua has obviously heard it enough times the other way.  “Don’t commit adultery.”
  8. Lay your palm flat and on your other hand take your thumb and two first fingers and make like you are picking something up.(eight fingers) “Do not steal.”
  9. Place your one hand across your chest and hold the other hand up at your side thumb in like your giving an oath.  “Do not lie”
  10. Place all your fingers in front of you and wiggle them like you want to grab everything in sight.  “Don’t be greedy.”  You can easily teach the meaning of covet and teach, “Do not covet.”

You will be surprised how fast they learn them and in the correct order with their fingers helping them out!

(Thanks for helping out Joshua!)

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