The Annual Christmas Letter

Sometimes we just have to admit defeat…today is one of those days for me.  I did not get it all done.  It is the morning of December 26th and somehow I feel like I am still stuck somewhere in September.  The year marched on and updates that I wanted to write were not written.  Presents […]

First Week of Advent

I had wanted to post before Advent even began, of course, as you can clearly see I did not make that happen.  I have decided to write when I can even if it does not fit my ideals.  This time of year is busy.  We try our best to keep Christmas simple and for the […]

Merry Christmas

I thought I would share our Christmas letter here…. I can hardly believe we sit here at the close of yet another year. I know I am always late with our Christmas letter but this year I delayed it on purpose. Yesterday we received our first Christmas present. We got the results of Joel’s latest […]

Merry Christmas… a little late!

I am sitting in a laundry-mat in St. Catharines checking email (the first time since we came down on the 22nd, oh and I am at the laundry-mat because they have Internet) and  ??????thought I would share our annual Christmas Letter, hope everyone’s Christmas was a blessed one. Here I find myself again at the keyboard, trying […]

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